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We know how intimidating it can be when you’re trying to figure out what’s happening with your legal situation, especially if you don’t speak English well or at all. That’s why we’ve put together this special package just for immigrants like you: we’ll answer your questions over the phone in 15 minutes, or give you a discounted price on a consultation with an attorney who can help you navigate the ins and outs of your specific situation.

And if we can represent you? Well, let’s just say that our track record speaks for itself: we have successfully helped thousands of people like you navigate their legal journey. With our expertise centered around your specific issue, there is no question too small, no question too big—if we know the answer you will too, and if we dont know the answer we will point you to someone who does! We’ll also give you an instant quote for service so you know exactly how much it costs for us to represent you. And if we can’t represent you? We’ll refer you to one of our trusted partners so that they can take care of what needs doing next. It all starts with your initial legal consultation.  Schedule a call today and let an experienced immigration attorney help you with your personalized legal strategy. 


How much does it cost to talk to a lawyer?
That depends on the service that our firm is providing.  It all starts with a consultation which costs $99.99 for 30 minutes. During this consultation, a licensed attorney will review your case and answer any of your legal questions. If you have a case we can help with, we will send you a quote for service after the initial consultation.
Do you speak spanish?

We can schedule consultations in Spanish or any other language but they require a translator. As a result, they run a little longer and cost a little more. Click here to schedule an appointment with a translator.

Can I schedule an appointment to meet in person at the office?
Absolutely. We don’t advertise our in-person appointments because they cost slightly more.  To Book an in-person appointment click HERE.
What happens if I missed my scheduled appointment?
We will always do our best to call you at your scheduled appointment.  However, the nature of our work requires us to be available to other clients during emergencies. In the rare situation where you don’t get a call at your scheduled time please feel free to call us at 8564773261 and let the secretary know you are waiting for a call.  Cancelations prior to 24 hours of the appointment time are eligible for refunds.  Appointments canceled within 24 hours are not eligible for a refund. 
Do you only take immigration cases.
Our legal team only handles criminal defense and immigration cases. We can also review your personal injury claim. If you have any legal questions in any other field just let us know.  If we cant answer your question we will point you in the direction of someone who can.  
What happens after the initial legal consultation?
If our firm wants to represent you, an offer will be made for an initial minimum retainer. You will also receive a representation agreement. Once your agreement is signed and your invoice is made you will be scheduled for a new client onboarding meeting. 
Where can I learn a little more about JAB Law?
Check out our social media pages through this link

Awards & Testimonials

"Words cannot even begin to explain how wonderful, professional, and dedicated Joshua Benjamin is to his clients! My father was falsely accused, racially/class profiled and arrested by law enforcement. Joshua dropped everything that he was doing in the middle of the night in order to represent my father. He arrived in record time, and dressed to the nines! Joshua effortlessly was able to get the case dropped. ...If you need any type of representation... no one will work harder, or efficiently as he! ...He has saved our family a great deal of money and headaches. Thank you, Joshua, for everything, God bless. I definitely recommend Joshua Benjamin to all my friends and family."


"I hired Benjamin to represent me in a traffic charge, facing license suspension and 10 points. We won the case with zero points! Great consul."


"Josh and his team work diligently to make sure they answer all of your questions and concerns. He works hard to put you in the best case scenario and won't stop until he gets the outcome he desired. Highly recommend Joshua! You can't go wrong giving him a call."

Mark M.

"Great attorney! Joshua Benjamin has helped me through a few of my traffic violations. Truly happy with the services!"

Youliana F.

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