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Immigration is the corner stone at The Law Offices of Joshua A. Benjamin. Our team grants clients access to an online portal where they are given 24/7 access to the status of their immigration case that may concern one of the following areas.



Asylum may be granted to any foreign national already in the United States or in the process of entering the states who fit the international definition of “refugee”.  What starts with a simple interview often turns into a fight for your life in front of a judge.  This process can take many years so make sure to have some one you trust by your side every step of the way.  

From the minute we get retained on an asylum case we extend every resource to protect you.   We use sophisticated software to screen every form for red flags before finalizing a complete asylum application.  Then we prepare clients for the asylum interview and the immigration judge if necessary. Asylum Law is a high stakes battle and often times you only get one shot to get it right. 


Deportation and Removal Defense

Whether you have been in the country for 3 days or 30 years, nothing is scarier that being served with removal paperwork.  The thought of being forcibly detained/removed is a real fear faced by several undocumented immigrants. What’s harder yet is finding a lawyer that you can trust to do everything he can to protect you from being removed

As trial attorneys we are experienced with speaking to a judge and presenting a clear and efficient immigration argument.  We have cultivated a reputation with the courts as passionate and effective immigration lawyers. The last thing you want to do is make decisions without having a full understanding of the situation.

Give us a call and set up a free consultation to explore your deportation defense options.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is the process in which you can apply for lawful permanent residence (or a green card) while being present in the United States. Adjustment of status can commence as a result of several of different immigration eligibilities.  You may find your self eligible to adjust status because you just married a citizen,  or you are looking to bring a fiancé to the country.  You may also be eligible through family, or work.  If you are here legally you may be eligible to adjust and receive your green card. 

Whatever your eligibility is the laws revolving around each adjustment of status eligibility category is constantly changing. With such an uneasy political climate revolving around immigration law, it’s important to have someone by your side who is involved in the immigration law community.  As proud members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, (AILA) we remain up to date on all the daily changes in immigration law. We act fast to ensure your adjustment of  status case is in the best position to be approved so you can start your journey to US Citizenship.



Naturalization is the process in which a lawful permanent resident (or a green card holder) becomes a citizen of the United States after meeting the requirements put in place by Congress.

Although it may seem simple, naturalization cases usually take several years and often have many legal obstacles that require immediate attention. The initial citizenship application (n-400) requires an organized showing of eligibility. Save yourself the headache and trust our experienced immigration specialists to lead you through your path to citizenship.



“I have a green card. How do I know if I am eligible to naturalize and become a U.S. Citizen?"

There are several ways to become a US Citizen but if you have been a law abiding legal permanent resident (LPR) and you have had your green card for 5 years or more you may be eligible to submit a form n-400 application for naturalization and start taking your final steps to US Citizenship.

Check the eligibility requirements for the n-400 naturalization application here. *Please add hyperlink below”


What type of visa should I get if I want to become a permanent U.S. citizen?

You’ll want to apply for any “immigrant visa” as these are the visas that provide a pathway to citizenship.
     o Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored visas
     o Employer Sponsored visas
     o Religious worker visas
     o Diversity immigrant visas

How long will my green card remain valid?
–      For a regular permanent resident, a green card lasts 10 years
–      Individuals with a conditional permanent resident status typically have a 2-year expiration period. 


What do I do if I’ve received a deportation order?
  •  First, don’t panic!
  • You may still be able to obtain legal status if you are able to reopen your deportation case or apply for permission to reenter the United States after a deportation order is issued. Whether it is worth trying either of these options depends on the specifics of your case and your personal circumstances, so it’s important to start out by talking to an experienced immigration attorney about your history and your current situation.
  • If your deportation order occurred years ago, you may still have a chance to reopen your case.
  • If you do not understand what happened in your case or believe that a mistake may have been made in how it was handled, your immigration attorney can request a copy of your case file, review it, and go over options with you.
  • If you were barred from applying for legal status because of a criminal offense, it is worth looking into reopening your criminal case. Talk to a criminal attorney with experience in post-conviction relief to find out your options.


What are the different categories of student visas?
  •  A student visa is a nonimmigrant visa, because the student visa itself does not offer a path to citizenship 
  • The two most common student visas are the F1 and M visas 
“Which family members might be eligible for immigration to the United States?”
 Family of US citizen
o  Spouse (including fiancé(e))
o  Sibling (petitioner must be over 21)
o  Parents (petitioner must be over 21)
o  Children (unmarried and under 21)
–      Family of refugees and asylees
o  Spouse
o  Children (unmarried and under 21 when you first applied for asylum or refugee status)
–      Family of green card holders
o  Spouse (husband or wife)
o  Unmarried children under 21
o  Unmarried son or daughter of any age
–      Same-sex marriages
What documents will I likely need for an immigration case?

It depends on the specific case you have.  Because every case is different every case requires different accompanying evidence.  However you should have the following documents ready if you want to speak to an immigration attorney.

  • -Passport
  •  entry visa stamp
  • any prior immigration applications
  • any prior communication with DHS, USCIS, ICE or EOIR
  • any relevant marriage or divorce certificates
  • driver license or any other form of id

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"Mr. Benjamin and his firm were more than accommodating. They completely put my mind at ease. He's walked me step by step through the entire Naturalization process, was always available if I had any questions, and thoroughly prepared me for the interview."

Safwat G.

"Can't thank Mr. Benjamin enough for his help through me and my wife's naturalization process. Walked me through everything, filed our forms, and prepared us for the interview. I'll be recommending Joshua Benjamin to all of my friends. Thank you so much!"

Gurwinder S.

"Joshua Benjamin took time out of his extraordinary busy day to speak with me. and clarify some very important points in regards to immigration law. He knows the rule of law and respects it."


"Joshua is knowledgeable, hardworking and has a true passion towards helping out people. When you hire a lawyer sometimes they seem apathetic. Josh is the opposite. He puts his heart into every case and especially immigration law. You will never have a lawyer/ human better than him."

Tricia P.

"Amazing service. They’ve really helped me a lot and I’ve gained more knowledge about my case because of the help they gave me. They will answer all your questions and give you options on what to do."

Anastasia P.

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