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We are committed to creating a trusted database with exceptional legal services to make it easy to connect with world-class lawyers. Whether you need legal representation for a personal matter or a business issue, our Directory has the resources and expertise you need to get the job done.

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Whether asylum or Adjustment of status, our firm will guide your legal journey through all the obstacles of the US immigration system.

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Our firm utilizes every resource to protect your freedom. Our experience in handling everything from traffic tickets to homicides gives us the edge to fight for every one of our clients.

All attorneys are vetted.

We take many measures to ensure that the attorneys we provide you will provide you with a valuable consultation.  

The hardest step is always the first.

Step 1: Choose a lawyer.

We understand how stressful legal matters can be, so we strive to eliminate as much of that stress as we possibly can. 

We use sophisticated case management software that provides the client with access and transparency to his/her case. This allows you to message us, upload documents and check the status of your case 24/7.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment

Use our service to conveniently schedule a consultation with a lawyer of your choosing. 

Whether the lawyer wants to charge you or whether they offer a free consultation, you can pick a lawyer, pay and schedule a consultation. 

Step 3. Provide feed back to help others.

We understand that those who call us call us because they have a problem. 

We know that you trust us to help you solve that problem and we take that personally.  That is why we do everything within our power to always win. 


A Note from Josh


My name is Josh, and I’m the founder of JABLaw. I want to personally thank you for visiting our website. after running my own law firm for many years I decided to create a service that answers the question that I most often heard. “Do you know a lawyer who handles…”

Accessibility was the biggest obstacle to competent legal representation.  The first step was always the hardest. 

This service bridges the gap and provides you with the ability to review the profiles of world class vetted attorneys.  You will also be able to schedule your consultation with them right here! With the work of our trusted partners we can break down the walls of the legal system and build accesibility to legal representation.

Wishing you the best,
Joshua A Benjamin, Esquire

Awards & Testimonials

"Josh is such a caring individual and answered every question I threw at him during my free consultation. He makes sure his clients remain a priority, no matter what the situation is, and offers as much advice as he could possibly give. If you are looking for a hardworking, personable attorney, I would absolutely recommend him!"

Ashlee R.

"Joshua Benjamin was very efficient. Great communication, professional, & knowledgeable. Makes everything simple & manageable. He’s fair & in it for the better. I’m grateful for his service."

Jalena O.

"Mr. Benjamin walked me through a consultation on a significant traffic violation question that I faced. I've learned that he is thoroughly knowledgeable and will walk you through all possible outcomes. I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal help. Keep up the good work!"

Mark G.

"Great value, would give 6 stars for the in-depth consultation I received this afternoon. Fantastic professional, this is truly a man you can trust."

Joseph P. 

"Worked with Joshua a few times this past year and he gives his all to his clients. He is an extremely informative and caring individual. I feel relieved and confident after working with him. He is a great listener and provides significant advice and feedback as well!"

Ariana P.

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