Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

As a pool attorney for the Camden county public defenders office, Joshua and the JAB Law team frequently get assigned difficult cases that the public defenders office cannot handle.

As a result, we have worked on the most complicated criminal cases.  We take this experience and knowledge and apply it to criminal courts across the state of New Jersey where we have built relationships with prosecutors, judges and court house staff.


What should I do if I am arrested?
Remain silent and calm. Contact your attorney or ask for one if you don’t have one yet and make sure that your attorney is present for any questioning or discussions. Be sure that your attorney is present for any lineups or testing procedures (such as drawing a blood sample. Let your attorney deal with the police and prosecutors, especially if they offer you some kind of deal or plea bargain. If you have been injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible and seek medical attention.Try to find and identify witnesses and get their contact information (name, phone number).
Should I represent myself in a criminal case?

You can represent yourself in criminal court. However, a criminal defense attorney will inform you of your rights as a citizen, and ensure that they are protected. The right attorney will bring their experience to the table, and ensure your protection under the law.


Do I need a lawyer at my arraignment?

An arraignment is the first time a defendant appears before a judge to either plea guilty or not guilty to the offense they were charged with. A lawyer is not necessary for this. However, a court-appointed or privately retained attorney can offer valuable insight and assist planning in the next steps in a case.


Do the police always need a warrant to conduct a search?
Not always. In New Jersey, there are exceptions to the need for a warrant if one of the following occurs:
  • Hot pursuit – an officer may enter a home without a warrant if the defendant is at risk of fleeing the scene
  • Health or Safety – an officer may enter a home without a warrant if there is reason to suspect someone’s health and/or safety is at risk. An example of this would include hearing screaming coming from a building. 
  • Destruction of evidence – an officer may enter a home without a warrant if by doing so, they can prevent the destruction of items they are searching for. An example of this would be flushing drugs down the toilet.


Do the police need to read the Miranda Warnings before talking to a suspect?
If a person is in custody and the police wish to interrogate them, officers are required to read the Miranda rights to the defendant. These rights are:
  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • If you do say anything, it can be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to have a lawyer present during any questioning.
  • If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire.


What do I do if I am sure I am innocent of the charges?

All cases are different, but even if you are innocent, it is advised that consulting a lawyer will assist you in getting the results you desire efficiently. Initial police reports can be vague and even incorrect at times, so it is recommended you bring a lawyer in to help you get the results you are seeking.


How many criminal cases go to trial?

In 2018, nearly 80,000 people were defendants in criminal cases. Only 2% that number went to court.

Courtesy of Pew Research: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/11/only-2-of-federal-criminal-defendants-go-to-trial-and-most-who-do-are-found-guilty/ft_19-06-11_trialsandguiltypleas-pie-2/


Awards & Testimonials

"Words cannot even begin to explain how wonderful, professional, and dedicated Joshua Benjamin is to his clients! My father was falsely accused, racially/class profiled and arrested by law enforcement. Joshua dropped everything that he was doing in the middle of the night in order to represent my father. He arrived in record time, and dressed to the nines! Joshua effortlessly was able to get the case dropped. ...If you need any type of representation... no one will work harder, or efficiently as he! ...He has saved our family a great deal of money and headaches. Thank you, Joshua, for everything, God bless. I definitely recommend Joshua Benjamin to all my friends and family."


"I hired Benjamin to represent me in a traffic charge, facing license suspension and 10 points. We won the case with zero points! Great consul."


"Josh and his team work diligently to make sure they answer all of your questions and concerns. He works hard to put you in the best case scenario and won't stop until he gets the outcome he desired. Highly recommend Joshua! You can't go wrong giving him a call."

Mark M.

"Great attorney! Joshua Benjamin has helped me through a few of my traffic violations. Truly happy with the services!"

Youliana F.

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